Pagent Info

Every Girl is Beautiful is a pageant for girls and women of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Returning this year is the Prince Division for young men.


Saturday, August 16, 2014. 2:00-4:00 pm.


The pageant will be hosted by Celebration Community Church.

908 Pennsylvania, Fort Worth, Texas 76104.


Every participant will be entered into the Dressy Pageant. Any style dress or dressy pants is acceptable.

Participants will have a stage area marked out on the floor. They may be accompanied by an escort if needed.

The participants or escort will introduce them and tell a little about themselves. For example, “My name is Mary and I’m in 10th grade.” “My name is Susan and I like to make necklaces at my workshop.”

Participants will go on stage in School age then Adult age groups. Each age group will receive their awards on stage immediately following their Dressy Pageant.

This year’s dressy pageant will be followed by a fun Mardi Gras theme promenade walk across the pageant stage area. The participants are welcome to bring costumes and masks.



Saturday, August 16, 2014

1:00-1:45 Check in.

Fingernail painting provided to the participants by Girl Scout Troop 2010.

Silent Auction items available for bidding.

2:00 Dressy Pageant. Participants will go on stage by age group.

Each age group will receive their awards immediately following their stage presentation.

3:00 Optional Halloween Costume Pageant with award ribbons.

3:30 Silent Auction closes



Every participant gets a medal presented onstage.

Pageant Entry

The event is a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk. Entry is only $10 and every participant is awarded a pink ribbon medal on stage. Donations from guests will be accepted and silent auction gift baskets will be available for bidding.

Entry may be done online through the link below.

Checks may be made payable to “Susan G. Komen 3-Day”, with name of participant on the memo line. Please include email address on the check if available so that we may confirm receipt of entry.

Mail to 2615 Valparaiso, Arlington TX 76017.



Participant Name



Donations to our Team Fundraiser can be made here. Thank you for supporting our Walk!